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Updated Street Grid Demo

I’ve built up the street grid app into a proper demonstration of the Infinicity system. This is a small application demostrating a persistent, infinite virtual space based on psuedorandom numbers. At any given moment, the app only knows about 9 grid units, each of which forms its streets independant of each of the other grid units, yeilding a bottom-up generation of street patterns.

Walking in any direction causes the program to move the existing grid units and generate three new ones. Walking more three or more grid units in any direction will result in an entirely new set of 9 grid units. However, since the generative process is based on pseudorandom numbers seeded with the world coordinates of the grid unit, returning to the same place will cause the exact same pattern to be re-spawned.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can download a zip here.

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