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More fun with OpenSCAD

So I’ve been having a great time with OpenSCAD of late, and made a couple of small models:

  1. a parametric Lincoln Log-style building piece (with options for diameter, length, and number of slots)
  2. a die-like cube for tracking damage in World of Darkness pen-and-paper RPGs

I love OpenSCAD, and I also love thingiverse. To check out the models and download them for yourself, head over to my thinigiverse profile.

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Binary rings (via OpenSCAD)

So a while ago, I started in on a project to create a tool for generating wearable ring models with text encoded in binary based on the ASCII values of each character. I put the project aside a while back, but recently I discovered OpenSCAD, a fantastic tool for programmatically defining 3d models.

OpenSCAD totally rocks, but is a little strange in that variables aren’t, strictly speaking variable, since you can’t change their value. As a result, instead of writing openSCAD directly, I created a Python script that takes a string as a command line argument and generates the OpenSCAD code to make a ring with that phrase around it. The above image encodes ‘OpenSCAD rocks my world’.

The next steps are to make the script take a ring size and thickness, and then I’ll likely be setting up shop on Shapeways to sell these.

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Deaf on Hollow Winds 3d graphic

falling stones
I recently created a new interactive 3d piece for the OmniCircus show, meant to accompany “Deaf on Hollow Winds”, one of the songs we perform (written by Frank Garvey). The piece consists of an endless stone walkway that crumbles away and spreads off into the sky, with a moving sunset backdrop.

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Demented Jacks in Boxes

I just finished a new Virtual Puppet for the OmniCircus show, a Jack in the Box based on one of Frank Garvey’s paintings. He undulates back and forth, and can be made to bend forwards/backwards, left/right, and to twist to either side. His jaw is also controllable, allowing him to be made to laugh. Additionally, he can be multiplied, yeilding a forest of Jacks with each one slowing waving.

He was modeled in Maya, textured with Photoshop, and implemented/animated via an OpenGL program. The Jack program incorporates the opening doors that we’ve been using in the OmniCircus shows, and can switch back and forth between rendering the doors and rendering the Jacks.

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