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Corona SDK demo

corona demo screenshot I recently gave a workshop at the Academy of Art University on the CoronaSDK. After a brief overview of the Corona environment and the Lua scripting language, I led the attendees through the creation of a simple game.

The game demonstrates image loading, the use of display groups to offset rotation, simple physics, and dynamic text. It’s simple, but provides a decent introduction. If you’d like to download the files (images and source code), head here.

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Corona SDK- first steps

I’ve started playing with the Corona SDK just recently. It looks to be a great way to develop games for both iOS and android devices, and (as a bonus) relies on Lua. Finished a simple demo last night, where a player character responds to a screen touch by walking over to the point indicated, playing one of four different directional walk cycles.

The code isn’t the cleanest, but it’s enough to let me start to get a feel for the way Corona deals with sprite sheets. All of the art assets were lifted from Open Game Art– an awesome resource for game demos.

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