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Posts from ‘April, 2010’

HTML5: hierarchical animation

image chain Another day, another HTML5 experiment. This time around, I created a class to handle loading and drawing images. The image class also maintains a list of children, allowing for hierarchical animation.

View it here

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More fun with HTML5 and the <canvas> tag

I just finished a second small html5 example. In this one, I create randomized terrain and place a soccer ball in the middle of the resulting field. The arrow keys will accelerate the ball left and right. The ball both follows the terrain and rotates as it moves.

Go here to see it in action.

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Experimenting with HTML5

Just spent the evening watching Dexter and playing around with the canvas tag. I made a small game-like experiment that lets players control a man in black to capture aliens. Not terribly polished, but it’s a decent example of gameplay for a couple hours of messing around.

Click here to see the result in action.

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