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Posts from ‘February, 2011’

Minecraft player skins papercraft tool

mskinThis was a way to generate buildable papercraft templates from a given Minecraft skin image, written in javascript.

To check it out for yourself, go here.

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Howard the IRC bot

Last week, after two years of valiant service, my macbook HD finally died. Fortunately, I had everything backed up and/or committed to external repos, so I didn’t lose anything. I did have to reinstall everything, though.

So, while waiting for things to install, I whipped up a small IRC bot (“howard”, so named after the dolphin sidekick in my favorite book of all time) that can be used to send love (of the Linden Lab, love machine variety) amongst my fellow compatriots.

The bot was written in PHP, using NetSmart_IRC, and stores love in a really simple little db table on my site.

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Cryptogram maker script

I sat down to work on the cryptogram solving interface from the last post a bit, only to find that the CoronaSDK API reference site was down. So, I decided to spend the allotted time working on a support tool instead. I wrote a simple Python script that:

  • reads in a list of statements from a file and, for each of them:
  • randomly generates a substitution cipher
  • encodes the statement into ciphertext
  • prints the original statement and the ciphertext version to a file

Nothing spectacular here, but it will make testing a lot easier, and will eventually grow into a proper content-creation tool. It’s almost usable as such as-is, but I want to add in some heuristics for estimating (and perhaps even adjusting) the difficulty of the resulting cryptogram.

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