Let's get Physical

3d printing for roguelikes

Who I am

Adrian Herbez adrianherbez.net

I make games

...and 3d printed toys

A 3d-printed roguelike?!?!?!

What does that even mean?

3d printed tiles for tabletop RPGs

dragonlock tiles printed by @tiny_warfare on instagram

3d printable board games

Pocket Tactics by Ill-Gotten Games

Not quite right...

Single player

Procedurally generated

Hidden Information

3d printing integral to the experience

Plarl: the 3d printed roguelike

Multiple stacked layers

  • base: room exits (red)
  • room contents (green)
  • doors (blue)

OpenSCAD: The Programmer's Solid 3D CAD Modeller

OpenSCAD demo

Actually generating levels

Actually generating levels

Designing for failure

Making things break in the right way


Github repo: https://github.com/aherbez/plarl

OpenSCAD website

these slides: adrianherbez.net/plarl/prez

Email me! aherbez@gmail.com


Mazes for Programmers by Jamis Buck

Functional Design for 3D Printing: Designing 3d printed things for everyday use by Clifford T Smyth