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Ghast Blasters (Bose AR Gamejam)

This was a game prototype created in Unity for a gamejam sponsored by Bose, which was a competition to create games their audio AR hardware. I was part of a four-person team, including:
Eli Delventhal
Goose Gutierrez
Mario Godoy
Eli and I were responsible for all the code, Goose for the art, and Mario for the music and sound effects.

Ghast Blasters is a cooperative game where two players work together to defeat supernatural terrors. One player is tasked with locating ghostly threats using spatialized audio via the Bose AR glasses, while the other draws arcane sigils on a phone or tablet to seal them away.

The phone player “sees” through the eyes of the AR player, and can provide feedback (“Turn left!”, “To your right!”) to help them orient to the enemies. They also have a radar screen to see where enemies are in relation to the AR player.

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Ludum Dare: Tiny World

I just participated in my first Ludum Dare competition, with the theme ‘Tiny World’. My game is a bit small, even by Ludum Dare standards, as I’m currently on vacation, so only had the plane ride, plus a bit of time here and there to work on it (not that I’m complaining 😉 ).

In the game, you take on the role of a planet builder, tasked with creating planets from matter floating through space. The game lies in rotating the planet so that the matter is evenly distributed, and rejecting matter of the wrong type (each level has different requirements for the planet).

To play the game, either click on the image, or go here.

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