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Maya 2, MEL scripting finals and feedback

So here we are at the end of the summer semester, both live and online. Since I wanted to give my (online) students as much time as possible to submit their projects, I gave them until the closing date of the course. As a result, it makes it impossible for me to offer feedback on the class site, so I’ll be posting it here:

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65B: Final Projects on the web

Today’s the final crit for my Digital Multimedia class. I asked the students to create some form of game or interactive experience using Flash for their final project, with some excellent results. To see for yourself, check out the site I put together to showcase the students’ work


65B: Digital Multimedia Flash animations online

I asked the students in my digital multimedia class to produce a short Flash animation, and the results are posted here

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Digital Comics Galore

It’s finals week here at UCI, and my students in 65A: Basic Digital Imaging have started turning in their final project. I asked them to make a digital comic of at least four panels, and the results have been fantastic. Click here to see for yourself