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Posts from ‘September, 2004’

UCI ICS/ACE video shoot

UCI promo vidWow three TLA (three-letter acryonyms), all at once. A few weeks ago, a film crew came through the ACE (Arts, Computation, Engineering) department area as part of a promo shoot for the school of ICS (Information and Computer Science) here at UCI (Univeristy of California, Irvine). They had me say a few canned phrases, and then interviewd me about the ACE program, which ended up in the video.
They shot myself and Garnet Hertz (in the background working on his cokroach-controlled robot) in the ACE fabrication shop for that authentic blue-collar this-is-where-we-build-things feel, hence the image at left.

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The Construction of Living Robots revealed

the construction of living robotsBack when I was working out of the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, I came across a pamplet published in 1952 by one Edmund C. Berkley entitled “The Construction of Living Robots” where it was put forth that…

It would seem reasonable to expect that before a dozen more years go by, automatic machines (i.e., robots) that possess the essential properties of life will be “in existence” — or should we say “alive”? Certainly much more than half the distance to the construction of living robots has been traveled

I scanned in all the pages (it’s a fairly short document), and I recently found the scans and their web-ready versions in an old CD, so I put it up here for anyone who’s interested. Click on the pages to advance them.


Deaf on Hollow Winds 3d graphic

falling stones
I recently created a new interactive 3d piece for the OmniCircus show, meant to accompany “Deaf on Hollow Winds”, one of the songs we perform (written by Frank Garvey). The piece consists of an endless stone walkway that crumbles away and spreads off into the sky, with a moving sunset backdrop.

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