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Equirectangular grid generator

Generated grid on left, example drawing on the right

I recently fell into a bit of a rabbit hole with equirectangular projections. They’re a way of mapping the surface of a sphere onto a single image. That can mean unwrapping a ball-like object like the Earth to make a map, but can also be a way to map 360 degrees of an environment to a single image that’s much more readable than say six separate images (as in cube maps).

A side effect of the equirectangular projection being easy to understand is that you can use it to hand-draw virtual spaces. It’s a little tricky to get the hang of though, so having a nice guide definitely helps. To that end, I’ve made a tool using JS that generates an equirectangular grid in a light blue, suitable for printing out and drawing on top of.

See it for yourself here. Right-click on the image to save it, or download one of the PDF versions.

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PLARL: the 3d printed roguelike (proof of concept)

This was a project to generate a 3d printable dungeon using OpenSCAD. To play the game, the player uses a screwdriver or similar to break away parts of the printed model, revealing additional information.

The result has multiple layers stacked on top of each other, with the bottom layer (red) consisting of the maze pattern, the middle layer (green) supporting iconography for things like monsters, and the top layer (blue) being the door. Both the blue and green layers break away.

To see a playthrough of an example level, check out this video:

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