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Larry Beau 02

So we did the show at the Xenodrome Friday, to a great audience response. Declan’s music is really haunting and touching, and a lot of people were strongly affected. As promised in the last post, below is a sampling of the interactive graphics I prepped for the show. All images are lifted from an excellent music video shot by Declan and Co. in Ireland, Photoshopped to look like old photos in a frame and stuck into a small OpenGL program that renders images to the screen and advances through them at the press of the up arrow.

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Larry Beau

Lately I’ve been really busy rehearsing for the Larry Beau show, a performance of the music of Declan Burke. Declan’s joined by Cindy Weyuker on vocals and piano, Jason Webster on guitar and vocals, and myself on electronic saxaphone and vocals. We’re playing the Xenodrome here in San Francisco this Friday (July 16th), and the Baggot Inn in New York next Thursday.
In addition to the flyer at left, I’ve also made a little program to interactively cycle through still images to provide a backdrop for the action of the show- one of these days I’ll get around to posting it somewhere.

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Comp and I make beautiful music together

As the quarter draws inexorably closed here at UCI, I’ve been finishing off this quarter’s classwork. Still in the works is my paper for Antoinette LaFarge’s seminar on Virtual Identity, but my project for Digital Signal Processing with Chris Dobrian is pretty much done. I say “pretty much” because I probably won’t be able to resist adding more features, but it’s a lot of fun to play with as is.
If you’re intrigued, head here to read about it and download your own copy.

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