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Minecraft player skins papercraft tool

mskinThis was a way to generate buildable papercraft templates from a given Minecraft skin image, written in javascript.

To check it out for yourself, go here.

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KdeL/jhurliman wedding card

card created for KdeL and jhurliman's wedding Recently, two of my closest friends got married, and as my wedding gift to them, I created a card in which they jointly spray paint a heart (less than three) on a wall. There are two pull tabs- one for the groom, who spray-paints the less than sign, and one for the bride, who spray-paints the three.

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My team at work held a competition in which we had three hours to decorate our offices for the holidays. I made a cam-operated robo Santa. I wanted to wrap some string around the axel and have it operate by a weight unrolling, but I ran out of time. More throw on the cam would have been nice, too. Still, not bad for three hours.

See below for a video of the mechanism in action.



SL_RL01This was a fun little experiment in which I used OGLE to grab an OBJ of an model in Second Life, and then (after some cleanup in Maya) used Pepakura to make a printable pattern that could be assembled into a real-world version.

Click here for more images and for links to download the pattern, if you’d like to make your own uni-bike.

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Radish wedding card

the exterior of the card

the exterior of the card

When my good friends Kyle Payne and Scott Balieu got married (becoming the Radishes in the process), I made them a card featuring pop-up 3-dimensional wedding bells. The card was designed with 3d Studio, Tenkai (now Pepakura designer), and Illustrator. The bells have a bit of elastic to aid in the popping up, since they hang freely from the cross beam.


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