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Out-of-Office tool

This was one of the tools I built during my time at Linden Lab. It is meant to make it easy for employees to indicate when they will be out of the office, and to easily see when their teammates will be gone or otherwise unavailable.

I developed both the back-end (MySQL/PHP) and front-end (HTML/JS) components of the system from start-to-finish, though I owed Johnhenry Righter a big debt of gratitude for making it actually look good.

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InFact News

if_thumbAn exercise in recombinant journalism by Chris Graves, David Newell, and myself. We developed a fictional web news site that would lift content from “legitimate” news sites and re-combine it into alternate stories. Since we took the content a sentence at a time, Each individual sentence (except for a very few thrown in by the software we developed, and all the titles) was a “true” piece of actual news. The recombination produced some hilarious, and occasionally truthful, results (see below).All of the content was generated completely on-the-fly, with no human intervention.

Chris and I did the programming, using a combination of PHP and MySQL, while Dave did the web design.



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