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Cryptogram maker script

I sat down to work on the cryptogram solving interface from the last post a bit, only to find that the CoronaSDK API reference site was down. So, I decided to spend the allotted time working on a support tool instead. I wrote a simple Python script that:

  • reads in a list of statements from a file and, for each of them:
  • randomly generates a substitution cipher
  • encodes the statement into ciphertext
  • prints the original statement and the ciphertext version to a file

Nothing spectacular here, but it will make testing a lot easier, and will eventually grow into a proper content-creation tool. It’s almost usable as such as-is, but I want to add in some heuristics for estimating (and perhaps even adjusting) the difficulty of the resulting cryptogram.

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Cryptogram solving interface

I recently started work on a mobile game for Android and iOS using the CoronaSDK (which I’m loving so far), and one of the mechanics in the game is the solving of cryptogram puzzles.

I just put together a first draft of what the cryptogram solving interface will look like. Features:

  • User can touch a letter to highlight all occurences of that letter in the ciphertext
  • User can (with a ciphertext letter higlighted) select a letter to replace it
  • The selected letter then appears over all occurrences of the ciphertext letter
  • The selected plaintext letter is greyed out to indicate that it has been used
  • Once all the letters have been filled in correctly, the app recognizes that the puzzle has been solved

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Corona SDK- first steps

I’ve started playing with the Corona SDK just recently. It looks to be a great way to develop games for both iOS and android devices, and (as a bonus) relies on Lua. Finished a simple demo last night, where a player character responds to a screen touch by walking over to the point indicated, playing one of four different directional walk cycles.

The code isn’t the cleanest, but it’s enough to let me start to get a feel for the way Corona deals with sprite sheets. All of the art assets were lifted from Open Game Art– an awesome resource for game demos.

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