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Posts from ‘December, 2005’


I’ve created a script that provides a method for organizing camera switching and shot placement within Maya. At startup, it provides a camera view, along with a list of all cameras currently in the scene. Selecting a camera from the list will update the view through the camera.

Clicking on the “Add Shot” button will add a snapshot through the current camera (tied to the current frame) in the lower “Shot List” area. You can add as many shots as you like, changing the current time and selecting various cameras. The script maintains proper ordering of the shots based on frame number.

Once you have some shots created, you can click on any one of them to set the current time to the corresponding frame and the camera view to the corresponding camera. Right-clicking on any of the snapshots will give you options to change the time, the camera, or to delete that shot. The script is available here.

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